Space Maintainers

Close-up of a boy showing a fallen tooth.

Space maintainers help keep the appropriate amount of space in the mouth for permanent teeth to grow in properly. If your child loses a baby tooth too early, the remaining teeth can shift and close the space where the permanent tooth is supposed to come in. This can often lead to crowding of the permanent teeth and orthodontic problems in the future. A simple space maintainer has the possibility of facilitating proper tooth and jaw development, reducing the need for or severity of orthodontic treatment in the future.

At Zest Pediatric Dentistry, these appliances are fabricated quickly and delivered with ease, making your child’s visit fast and comfortable. When you meet Dr. Karen, she will happily discuss whether space maintainers are right for your child. Call us at (843) 321-9944 to schedule an appointment for your child’s treatment.

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