Parent Presence

Parents are Welcome at Our Office!

Dr. Karen with her patient.

We are proud of how we treat our pediatric patients and invite you to share in this experience! For the first dental visit, we encourage parents to accompany their children to ask questions and be involved. This is the perfect time for our team to get to know the whole family.

Many young children may not want to sit in the dental chair and feel more comfortable laying back in their parent’s lap for the exam and cleaning. This is where we need your help! Dr Karen and her team will never force your child in any part of their appointment and are happy to use this lap based position initially, transitioning to the dental chair when they are ready.

As your child becomes more comfortable and trusting, we encourage parents to let their children come in for cleanings and treatment alone. Many young patients feel a sense of pride in their bravery and we encourage this independence. We understand that all children are different and look forward to introducing an individualized approach to meet your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, please call us at (843) 321-9944